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Enjoy 30 pieces of carry-on anti-fog 

wipes that bring long-lasting effect  

Fast action and up to 300 sprays 

on every bottle.

Long-lasting Anti-fog Clothes, 

Reusable for up to 300 times

THe Solution that can clean and fog-free your glasses

Prevent glass lens fogging with our premium 2 in 1 action  anti-fog solutions that keep your lenses clean and glare-free. Berry Clear Vision anti-fog products are the perfect choice for removing all unwanted substances like dust and fog on your glass lenses.

why must not ignore?

When masks, weather conditions, and other factors cause the appearance of fog or dirt  on your glasses, you either can't see properly or worse, you feel like you've been blindfolded. This situation can be very inconvenient and risky depending on where you are or what you're doing when the glass lens gets foggy.

Why Choose Berry Clear Vision

There are hundreds of anti-fog and cleaning solutions in the Philippines but not all give excellent results. So after months of testing, we ensure that we made the most effective and long-lasting solution on the market that can protect you from danger, distractions, and embarrassment, so you don't have to break the bank to be safe and enjoy good vision all day long.

Why Over  10,000+ Customers Love Berry Anti-fog?

  • Easy to use  Enjoy the freedom of clear vision with Berry Anti-fog's three-step usage process.

  • Safe  for eye and eyeglass lenses, be it a multi-coated or prescription lens. 

  • Multifunction solution that work on all types of glass lenses and screens.

  • 24 Hours Active  so,  no more wiping off glasses every minute.

  • Portable and can fit into pockets or any carry-on bag and use on thego.

  • Streak Free Cleaning your eyeglass lenses with Berry Anti-fog gives it nothing but a total shine.

  • Effective Cleaning,  Berry Anti-fog can also be used to remove dirt and dust from eyeglass lenses.

  • No Bad Smell do not leave behind any unpleasant smell on your glasses.

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